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The consultation process is a

collaboration between

the client and designer

to create a garden

that is beautiful and functional.

During the first step the site is evaluated for size, light, soil and usage.  The client's style, ideas, needs and dreams are discussed.  The designer then takes all this information back to the studio to create several concept sketches.


Next, the designer and client meet to look over the concept sketches to discuss ideas, sorting through what is most appealing and will best meet the needs of the client and the space.  The designer then returns to the studio to create a final drawing that includes plant and hardscape materials, specifications and anything else that is needed to create the garden.

Finally, the client and designer meet to review the final plan.  From here we can assist the client in preparing for a “do-it-yourself” installation, provide actual installation or direct the process in any way from start to finish.  

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